Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive a truly blessed experience that positively resonates with them for years to come. We take great pride in maintaining a spiritually inviting sanctuary filled with love, education, and illumination. We want to provide you a serene environment that lifts your spirit and beckons your mind to evolve and thus thrive in todays world. We wish you many blessings! 


  • We have one expectation of our clients; please respect all of our polices and procedures. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason without notice if we see them blatantly ignoring our polices and procedures. No exceptions! 


  • We offer access to unlimited yoga classes for a recurring monthly membership fee of $200 debited from your bank or credit card. Minimum membership of two months (60 days) required. You cannot cancel until you met your minimum two month period. You can cancel anytime after (60 days) by emailing us: info@auraclinicyoga.com   If you wish to continue the benefits of unlimited yoga classes, you don't have to do anything, your monthly payment will continue to be debited from the card that we have on file. Once a membership is cancelled you may continue to enjoy the benefits of membership until that specific billing cycle ends.


  • All participants interested in our Tarot Workshops must be registered prior to the workshop date. Payments must be remitted at time of registration. Same day registration will not be available.

  • Anyone registered must arrive 15-20 mins early in order to sign in and receive workshop packets. Attendees who are late must reschedule for the next available workshop. No exceptions! 


  • All payments for classes, workshops, meditations, etc. must be made prior to your admittance. We also ask that all forms are filled out prior to beginning any class.  Online forms are available. 

  • All sales are final! There are no refunds on any class, monthly membership, workshop, special event, or service that we offer. In the event that a class or workshop or special event is cancelled then your payment will reserve a spot for you for the next available class, workshop, or special event. There are no refunds or returns on any merchandise. 

  • All participants MUST sign in at the beginning of class.

  • Be conscious of your neighbor on the next mat. Safety is of the utmost importance at The Aura Clinic Yoga & Wellness LLC.

  • Please do not wear strong perfumes or colognes to Yoga class.

  • At this time, we are not offering any pre-natal, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy classes. If you are pregnant, we advise that you do not take classes.

  • Cell phones are to be turned off. If this is not possible, you will be unable to participate in the class.

  • Wear comfortable clothes that do not bind at the waist or knees when you sit down.

  • Do not eat a large meal or drink a lot of liquid before Yoga – an empty stomach is most comfortable.

  • Please arrive a few minutes before class; if this is your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes ahead of class, so we may check you in and acquaint you with the space.

  • Once a yoga class has begun, there will be no admittance. The studio doors will be closed once class starts.  Arriving late creates a disturbance to both the students and instructor. Alternately, we request that if you attend class – you do not leave prior to its conclusion, as this is also a disturbance.

  • If you miss class, you are eligible to reserve space for the next class. The payment made from the missed class will be applied as a credit toward the next available class. 

  • If you have any physical issues, please consult with your teacher before class, and take care of yourself during class.

  • We encourage students to bring their own yoga mat; however, mat rentals are available for $5.

  • You may bring a water bottle and hand towel. All other props are provided.

  • The Aura Clinic Yoga & Wellness LLC reserves the right to cancel any class that attracts fewer than 3 participants. *Decisions will be made by the close of the first full week of classes based on the number of registered participants.

  • All participants must complete Liability and Release forms prior to participating in their first class at The Aura Clinic Yoga & Wellness LLC. Liability and Release forms will be provided online or by the instructor.

  • In the event that a class must be cancelled on the day that it is scheduled, The Aura Clinic Yoga & Wellness LLC will make every effort to contact registered participants via email. Participants can also check the website for the most up-to-date information of class schedules. 

  • Class times are subject to change without additional notice. 

*All polices are subject to change without notice.