Yoga Instructor

Jessica Richardson is a native of Fort Worth, TX and mother of two beautiful daughters. Jessica is a professional dance artist of over 25 years, so the movement of the body and creating art is her specialty. She has travelled to several states to perform and teach. She has taught a wide age range for over 10 years on various styles of dance. In 2015, Jessica’s dreams of continuing her dance career was halted by a torn ACL that led to two years of recovery. During that time, depression, grief, and anger clouded her mind and in result manifested into neglecting physical therapy and never wanting to dance again. It was not until she was introduced to holistic therapy (healing of the mind, body, and soul) that she knew she could heal herself. Even with having ACL surgery, Jessica knew that true healing all started with a renewed mindset. Yoga became a new passion to her.


Jessica went to her first yoga class taught by a professional dancer as a way of learning the dynamic of breathing through movement. In the beginning she was all about the physical components of yoga and deepening her flexibility. She realized yoga is not about imposing a form on yourself, rather it is about discovering yourself through a form and engaging in a spiritual enlightening and meditative experience. Even more, she noticed the strength in the injured knee increase, her core was stronger, and her mindset was transformed. The awakening of conscious breath awareness became very important to her. The spiritual teachings resonated with her and yoga became a natural lifestyle instead of an exercise program. Jessica now has received her Yoga certification and is the resident instructor at The Aura Clinic Yoga & Wellness LLC located in Fort Worth, TX. She is also certified as an Aura Clinic Practitioner at the Aura Clinic LLC also located in Fort Worth, TX.